ASTERITE® LAR for solid surface sheets and shaped articles


Key Points

ASTERITE® LAR - Solid Surface

The ASTERITE® LAR – Solid Surface resins are specifically targeted at the premium solid surfaces and shapes sectors. They are developed for manufacturers looking to capitalise on this fast-growing market and to provide you with the opportunity to supply the demands of your own customers.

Creative Advantage

The pure, colourless nature of ASTERITE® LAR – Solid Surface resins makes them an ideal base for pigments and fillers, giving designers creative freedom for individual products and interior installations.

These ASTERITE® resins are suited to a wide variety of designs; because of its low viscosity, it flows easily into moulds and reproduces perfectly the most complex and attractive of designs. Developed in the Perspex International laboratories, ASTERITE® properties have been comprehensively tested to the most exacting standards.

Performance Advantage

Nonporous solid surface manufactured from these ASTERITE® resins is made to last. It is extremely hardwearing, resistant to ultra violet light and chemicals yet warm to the touch and easy to mould, thermoform and fabricate into solid sheet and shapes.

An additional benefit of the solid surface manufactured from our resins is its ease of maintenance and ability to accomplish straight-forward surface repairs if required. All this makes for a product that leads the way.

A Partnership to Trust

Perspex International’s established reputation as one of the world’s leading acrylic producers together with an in-depth understanding of downstream manufacture and processing technologies mean that we can work flexibly according to individual customer needs.

We have invested in our own full-scale processing facility to enable our R&D and technical support resources to provide customers and potential future partners with the first-hand experience of how easy it is to work with our liquid acrylic resins for products aimed at the solid surfaces and shapes sectors. A partnership with Perspex International means that our customers can benefit from our capability to develop new, tailored acrylic products.

Product range

Available in 2 series: LAR 100, LAR 500.

Please note the resins mentioned above represent various grades of ASTERITE® LAR – Solid Surface. If you require a bespoke resin grade or colour match service, please ask for details of the ASTERITE® make-to-order service.

If you are interested in ordering samples, technical support or a customer trial, please contact our team for further details.

Available In

  • LAR 100

  • LAR 500

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