ASTERITE® Acrylic Sheet for bath, shower and vanity basins


Key Points


More Than Acrylic

ASTERITE® Plus is a new breed of material from the ASTERITE® brand which has been specially developed to give a luxury solid stone-esque appeal to baths, vanity basins and shower trays.

Where Cast Acrylic Meets Solid Surface

With its stone-like surface texture, this new cross linked mineral filled cast acrylic sheet gives you more…it’s ASTERITE® Plus.

This new material combines the opulent feel of solid surface, with the exceptional properties of cast acrylic sheet, throughout its use in service:

  • Textured surface finish with the aesthetic appeal of stone
  • Strong, durable and hard-wearing
  • Easy to shape and style
  • Resists water whitening and watermarks
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Can be used to create matching and contrasting baths, shower trays, and vanity basins

Product Range

Available thicknesses: 6 & 8mm.

Standard Colour: White 1WFO.

If you require a different thickness or a new colour, please ask for details of the ASTERITE® make-to-order service.

Please note the colour shown above may not exactly match the colour of ASTERITE® acrylic sheet. Please request a sample to see the true colour.

Available In

  • 1WFO White

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